How it works

How it works

We'll pick up all your returns and donations right from your doorstep. No printing, packaging, or waiting in line.

Oops driver picking up returns from a customer
Share your contact info and pickup location so we know where to come get your returns or donations.

Step 1

Schedule a pickup

Schedule a pickup on the Oops website or mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Just share your pickup location and contact info so we can send you updates along the way.

We'll pick up your online, in-store, and gift returns, as well as donations and extra cardboard boxes (we reuse and recycle!).

Choose a monthly or annual plan for unlimited return and donation pickups, or make a single pickup and pay as you go.

Step 2

Pick your plan

Get unlimited pickups with a monthly or annual plan. Your first 7 days are totally free with zero commitment.

You can also schedule a single pickup if you'd prefer (your first one is just $1).

Leave your returns or donations on your porch on the morning of your pickup. We'll pick them up and return or donate them for you. If you're making a return, you'll get your refund from the original retailer.

Step 3

Put your items on your porch

On the morning of your pickup, leave your items on your doorstep—no packaging needed.

We'll come get them and bring you a reusable Oops bag for future pickups.

Making a return? The original retailer will handle your refund. We insure return pickups up to $1,000!

Ready to schedule your pickup?

Start your free trial and get 7 days of unlimited return, donation, and cardboard pickups.

Have a question?

Oops handles online, in-store, and gift returns to almost any retailer (including furniture and oversized items).

We'll pick up and return your items for you, whether that means shipping them to the original vendor or bringing them back to the store.

If you have an oversized item to return, just let us know when scheduling your pickup so we can plan accordingly.

We ask that your return items aren't hazardous or illegal, per our terms of service.

On the off chance we're unable to return your purchase, we'll get in touch and make it right.

If you have questions about what you can return, call, text, or email us and we'll help you out.

You can schedule a pickup on or download the app for iPhone or Android.

To schedule your first pickup, click or tap "Schedule a pickup," then share your contact info and pickup location.

Next, select your plan. You can get unlimited pickups with a monthly or annual plan, or pay as you go.

We'll schedule your pickup for the following day but you can always change it another time works better!

On the day of your pickup, leave your items on your doorstep before 9 a.m. and we'll do the rest. No need for printed return labels or boxes—we'll handle it all.

Still have questions? Reach out and we'll be happy to help!

Nope! The beauty of Oops is that you never need a box or printed label.

We'll bring you a reusable bag at the time of your first pickup, so you can put everything in there moving forward. If you don't have an Oops bag yet, just place all your pickup items together on your porch.

When leaving your items out, be sure to include all related parts and accessories. If an item has multiple parts (for instance, an electronic device that comes with a separate charger), clearly group or attach these so we know they should all go back together.

If you have specific questions about your pickup, get in touch and we'll help you out.

You'll receive an email confirmation after scheduling your pickup with Oops. We'll also send you a reminder the night before.

On the day of your pickup, you'll get text message updates when your driver is on the way, along with a planned ETA and a link to track your driver.

You'll also be notified when your pickup is complete and when your return is dropped off to the original retailer. Returns are usually processed within 3 business days of your pickup.

Head to your account dashboard to view your pickup history or check status updates.

After we pick up your return, we'll bring it to our warehouse for processing before sending it back to the original retailer.

This is usually done within 3 business days, but inclement weather and other factors may occasionally result in a delay (if you need it done sooner, contact us directly).

You'll get an email after your return is processed and out of our hands. Once the original retailer receives it, they'll handle your refund.

You can always check the status of your return in your account dashboard.

We'll typically process your return within 3 business days of your pickup.

Once the original retailer gets it back, they'll issue your refund (usually to your original payment method).

Occasionally, we'll be reimbursed directly for an in-store return. If this happens, we'll send you the full amount through Venmo or another payment method that works best.

Return processes may vary, so be sure to check with your retailer for details.

Nope! You can always schedule returns on a pay-as-you-go basis. You'll pay only $1 for your first pickup, then $8 for each pickup after that.

You can return or donate multiple items in a single pickup. These can be different purchases from different retailers (note that each purchase should have its own return label or receipt).

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